Hello world! Media Consultant at Your Service!

Hello world! Media Consultant at Your Service!

Hi guys, thanks for visiting my website! If the website address hasn’t already given it way, my name is Erskin Hansen. I’m a media consultant. What is a media consultant? A media consultant has experience with many forms of media, then gives advice to make the most of that media.

When you visit my website I hope you gain new insights and useful advice to make your business & personal life a little easier.

Sometimes all we ever need is a different perspective to shift our view. Soon afterward there’s a breakthrough.

If something I share gives you a breakthrough, please let me and everyone know in the comments. We all need encouragement!

This might be hard to believe…

For most of my life, I’ve steered away from the limelight. If you weren’t privileged or burdened to know better, the truth is… fame comes with a price. And I know this 1st hand. For that reason, I’ve never advertised anything with my name or face attached to it. My past opportunities have come from word of mouth. Avoiding the temptation to plaster myself on anything saying “Hey customers, buy me!” was easy.

I would prefer to be known for helping others, rather than being known for “being known”.

This website isn’t me “changing my mind”. I’m still not interested in fame, but I realized that it’s a consequence of being great at whatever you do. So help me embrace an uncomfortable position with your positive vibes. Thanks!

Before I go, here’s a boring list of things I’ve done that led me to this point in my life…

  1. Web Design
  2. Graphic Design (Logo, Posters, Fliers, Business Cards)
  3. Music+Sound Editing
  4. Photography + Editing (Wedding, Real Estate, Birthday/Party Event, Modeling, Passport
  5. Videography (Commercial, PSA, Music Video, Green Screen, etc.)
  6. Cinematography (Scriptwriting, Sound Scoring, Short Film, Special FX, etc.)
  7. Business Plan Writing
  8. Event Hosting (Video Games)
  9. Managing Models (Modeling Agency)
  10. PC Building
Erskin Hansen

As a Media Consultant, Erskin approaches media not only as a profession but as a creative outlet. He has a passion for all things artistic. And strives to create content that is educational, yet entertaining. With a history in Marketing & Media Design, Erskin is a frequent adviser to upstart companies and veteran organizations. Outside of this website, he is a film, fashion, and eSports buff, and a fierce advocate of all things Caribbean.

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