Newbie to Affiliate Marketing

Newbie to Affiliate Marketing

Hey gang, did you know about this thing called affiliate marketing? Well, it’s all the rage! Basically, you drive traffic to products you think other people might enjoy, then you earn a commission if they buy it. That’s it! Sounds simple, right? Wrong. LOL.

First off, competition is fierce for almost everything you can dream of marketing. Finding effective ways to market can be a daunting task as well. The enormous number of places to market and the burden of creating content to attract potential buyers is a real chore. All this “fun” can kill your mojo faster than a skunk at a birthday party.

So why bother? My thoughts exactly. But here’s an alternative perspective…

Why should it be easy? I mean, you’re basically trying to create a dream job. Why should it be easy for you or anyone to “get in” and “get paid” incredible sums of money? You’re basically earning money by running your mouth to other people about some awesome things you think would help them. BTW, a lot of us already do that for free lol. But if you expect to #1: Get paid to do it, #2: Making an actual living, #3: Create a solid foundation (unchanged by the weather or financial climate), etc. Why should it be easy?

The fact is, you should be glad it’s not easy. There’s an old saying: EASY COME, EASY GO. There’s some wisdom to be had in that message. What comes together quickly will usually come apart at the same speed.

Here’s the takeaway from this quasi-rant and endorsement of affiliate marketing…

When it comes to being an affiliate marketer (or someone who dabbles from time to time), you learn pretty quickly that there are many moving parts to manage (assuming you intend to be successful at it). I consider those moving parts to be “strings” that hold the hammock together. The more strings you have, the stronger the hammock. And the stronger the hammock, the longer you can lay in that hammock on your never ending vacation.

Final words…

I am nowhere near a full-time affiliate marketer, I’m an intermediate dabbler if there’s such a thing lol. As I learn more I’ll update my thoughts here from a strategic standpoint, rather than a technical perspective. Well, that’s all for now, have a great day and God Bless!

Erskin Hansen

As a Media Consultant, Erskin approaches media not only as a profession but as a creative outlet. He has a passion for all things artistic. And strives to create content that is educational, yet entertaining. With a history in Marketing & Media Design, Erskin is a frequent adviser to upstart companies and veteran organizations. Outside of this website, he is a film, fashion, and eSports buff, and a fierce advocate of all things Caribbean.

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