What does “working from home” even mean?

What does “working from home” even mean? “Working from home”, as opposed to “working in an office”? I get what it’s implying. It’s saying you’re not in a regular job. But, it also suggests that it’s a home vacation rather than an actual business. As in, a “home business” that operates from a “home office”. To a lazy person that doesn’t sound as sexy as “work from home”. Because “work from home” doesn’t sound like work at all. But, you’d be wrong. And you’re bound to fail because of it. If you romanticize the idea that:

You’ll be hoping out the bed late, sipping a custom brew by noon, and making a lofty lifestyle living by the evening”.

And all that, because you’re so awesome.

I’m not saying there’s no one living that life. But they have a few things going for them that might not be so obvious…

1) They have systems/software/people automating most (if not all) tasks for them.
2) Their ability to create income doesn’t need their presence.
3) They have 3-7 (or more) sources of income.
4) Their entire business & personal life is overseen & managed from a phone.

There are many things to unpack in those 4 items, but the short story is…

It takes a lot of time, money, energy, and leverage to amount that level of “wake up late in the morning” lifestyle. Access to prevailed information goes a long way too.

Some people were lucky enough to have at least 1 of those 3 things inherited from their parents. If you’re still reading this, it’s likely that you aren’t one of those people. No offense. I’m not one either.

Thankfully, it’s not impossible for you to have that in your lifetime. But you’ll never begin that process by thinking “work from home” is a cool thing you’ll do one day. You better be thinking “I’ll have a home business that operates from my home office one day”.

The seriousness of how you speak about your goals says a lot about how far you’ll go.

Troubleshoot Website Display Issues w/ “Toggle Extensions On/Off” Chrome Extension

Hi Mr. E gang! I’m going to introduce you to a great Chrome extension named “Toggle Extensions On/Off” and how it helped me troubleshoot 2 website display issues I was having. Hopefully, my experience will help you or a friend who might run into the same issue.

One of my issues involved Facebook Messenger not displaying at all – Which was problematic for tasks that required Facebook Messenger (i.e. Facebook Messenger Bot authentication). But it mainly hindered me from using the full Facebook Messenger page. I’ve had this issue for going on 4 months, I just assumed my PC was showing it’s age and it was time for an upgrade. After all, I didn’t have signs of a virus/malware after many virus scans.

My 2nd and more recent issue (which I couldn’t afford to ignore) was my eCommerce site. The homepage didn’t display properly, it was as though code was broken somewhere. After testing multiple devices I discovered the issue only displayed on my PC and only on the Chrome browser.

Time to hunt down this problem with no mercy!

Since the issue was specifically on the Chrome browser I could try to disable each extension until the problem went away. Then I’d know for sure which plugin was the culprit. But if the extensions wasn’t the problem I woud’ve wasted a lot of time disabling extensions 1-by-1 while checking if the display went back to normal. How could I test my theory without wasting too much time? Is there an option to disable all the extensions at once? Sadly, no. Introducing “Toggle Extensions On/Off”! BOOM! Just like that, my eCommerce site was displaying properly again 😍.

Now that I’m 100% sure an extension was wreaking havok on how my eCommerce site displays, the only thing to do now is figure out which extension was to blame. There’s no way around this part…

  1. Toggle “OFF” the “Toggle Extensions On/Off” to resume all plugins
  2. Verify that the problem still exists.
  3. Write list of all active plugins
  4. Manually disable all extensions 1-by-1, the website should’ve returned to normal.
  5. Re-Enable extensions 1-by-1 while refreshing the website to see if the last enabled extension disrupted anything.

I eventually ran into an extension that was causing the issue. The extension was a suggested extension for compatibility for emoji’s across devices. EMOJIONE suggested the new extension, but EMOJIONE has been flawless from day one. Long story short, I deleted the suggested extension and I don’t even recall the name but if I see the suggestion again I’ll list it here. 

Here’s the cool part. Out the blue my messenger page started working again! So that extension was also the cause my Facebook Messenger page not working. I was being affected longer than I realized.

I’m thankful to this cool extension cause it cut my troubleshooting time down in a blink of an eye. So if you run into funky unexplainable issues with your Chrome browser, you can use “Toggle Extensions On/Off” extension to disable all extensions at once – Which makes it a whole lot easier to know if an extension might the issue.

Until next time Mr. E gang, catch you later!