Hi, I’m Erskin Hansen.

I was born, raised and live on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. I’m a husband and father of 3. My old college friends call me Max, you can call me Erskin or “Mr. E” (i.e. imo Mr. E).

Hobbies that capture my interest include writingphotography, filmmaking, marketingresearching new technology, video games, and basketball. While my favorite sport to play is basketball, my favorite sport to watch is beach volleyball.

Work Life

At the moment my day job is doing web design at a technology firm (i.e. government geek squad). While I like to think I fell into it for the noblest reasons, when I started I definitely needed a job. Don’t judge me, LOL.

Professional Life

When I’m not at my day job at the Bureau of Information Technology, I do media consulting for individuals and businesses. I’ve gained a lot of experience over the years. Doing media production since 1998. That’s everything from logos, posters, web design, eBooks, photography, commercial/cinematic video, video editing, graphic design, and PC Builds.

Purpose Of This Website

The purpose of this website is share my many ad-ventures in my adult life as Mr. E – if you say it and listen carefully, you will hear another word.

The topics I talk about revolve around technology, social media, and business.

You can already guess I’m a fan of technology and the convenience it brings. But with great tools brings a need for great strategies. I will talk about free and cost-effective strategies to win the day. From time to time I will recommend products to make you more efficient at adapting those strategies.

Other topics I cover (but less often) are: personal finance, education, health & fitness, green energy, agriculture, fashion and life conversations (especially for young men).

Community Activities

In my downtime, I host local video game tournaments. They’re based around competitive eSports in the fighting and sports game genres. I’m rarely seen playing at events. but I play online from time to time. My PSN and XBL name is: MaXfReZa Feel free to add me on either platform so we can game online some day.